What if your business could be doing better?

Like, a LOT Better…

What if you could DOUBLE or EVEN TRIPLE Your Revenue?

What if you are missing a key element that could seriously improve your bottom line?  

What if you are doing something wrong?  

Maybe VERY wrong?

And that something is costing you.  

Possibly costing you BIG TIME.

What if you have a major issue with your website, your blog, your social media strategy or your advertising strategy?

What if you have a major SEO issue and you don’t even know it?

What if your site’s ranking could be massively improved leading to significant gains and you simply don’t know it?

What if there are creative ways to grow your business FAST, but you just aren’t aware of them?

What if there is a Facebook ad strategy that is perfect for your business model, but you simply aren’t aware of it?

What if your site is designed poorly, but, since you aren’t a designer, you just don’t know it?


My Name is Craig Lillard

Over the past 15 years, I have built multiple successful 6+ and 7+ figure online businesses from the ground up and almost exclusively single handedly.

I don’t say that to brag, in fact, in hindsight, I don’t recommend any business owner try to do EVERYTHING. CEOs and Founders should be working ON their business, not IN their business. However, I had my reasons and those experiences have provided me with a VERY unique set of practical skills which I use to help people grow their own businesses.

I built, coded and designed multiple 6+ figure and 7+ figure websites from the ground up and then learned and used almost every possible form of online marketing to grow them to profitability and beyond. I am practically and professionally skilled in SEO, PPC, Design, Coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL,Worpdress), Marketing, Advertising, Analytics, Social Media, Conversion Testing, Sales Funnels, Video Production, Video Marketing, Print Marketing, Email Marketing, Photography and More.

Now, I use my knowledge and skills to produce detailed and comprehensive “Growth Rocket” business audits for online business owners which help them know what is holding their business back from greatness.



Throughout my 15 years in online entrepreneurship, I have learned that it is critical to have an expert or consultant look deeply into your business and provide actionables.

I created the “Growth Rocket” Forensic Business Audit to help online businesses grow faster by providing them a deep level actionable list of improvements for their business in almost every area of online growth and digital marketing!

With the knowledge I have gained over the last 15 years, I am able to quickly look into several KEY areas within the online presence of a business and provide a number of actionables that WILL improve the growth pattern of your business online. In some cases, DRASTICALLY.

A Growth Audit stands alone. In other words, I am NOT trying to sell you something afterwards. My goal is to provide you a pinpoint accurate view of your business so you can make the best decisions possible. My goal is NOT to tell you what I think you need to hear to get you to hire me.

What Will You Get?

Our “Growth Rocket” Forensic Business Audit provides you with a detailed action plan filled with critical & detailed business information and actionables that can revolutionize your business, leads, prospects, customers and revenue!

It’s like having an experienced tech & marketing veteran co-founder without all the drama of an actual co-founder.

The “Growth Rocket” business audit is meant to help you OPTIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH by critically and deeply looking at the primary growth paths your business lives in and giving you an actionable list you can use to make necessary changes to your business. We will cover the following areas:

Site/Speed Page Audit

I will analyze and if possible improve your page loading speed which will help you with ranking as well as conversion.  I can already see some room for improvement here.

– Almost every audit I do, I find significant ways to improve here.  It’s often worth the price of your entire “Growth Rocket” audit. –

Conversion Funnel Audit

I tried to pour oil into my engine this past weekend without a funnel.  I am sure you can imagine how that went….  The same thing happens when customers arrive at your site without a funnel.  Lot’s of leaks and lots of customers falling through the cracks.  How’s your conversion funnel?  Do you even have one?  How many leaks do you have in your funnel?

– If you can prevent just a few customers from slipping through the cracks, you will likely pay for your “Growth Rocket” audit. –

Design Audit

Design is one of those things that you either get or you don’t.  If you aren’t a designer or don’t have a good eye for design, you are at the mercy of those who “claim” they do.  Design is critical and yet so many websites are still poorly designed with lacking user interfaces and user experiences.  Ideally a few tweaks will get you back in shape, but if a re-design is in order, you need to know it.

Branding Audit

Your brand is the core of your identity. It communicates who you are and is far more than just your logo. Your brand starts with an idea and then spreads out through your logo, your slogan, your icons and imagery, your color scheme and beyond.

Social Marketing Audit

You absolutely cannot ignore social media.  It is the future (and the now) of marketing online.  However, it is CONSTANTLY changing and I see many businesses wasting time and money on techniques that don’t work and others completely missing out on techniques that DO WORK.  We will help you determine what social strategies are right for your business and what strategies are not quite as ideal.

– Adding (or dropping) one social strategy could easily pay for the cost of your “Growth Rocket” audit. –


While times are changing, email is still hanging on to it’s kingly position in the digital marketing world.  What are you doing to bring new subscribers into the fold and once they are in the fold, how are you courting them without pushing them away?

Competitive Audit

I get it.  Sitting around staring at your competition’s successes isn’t exactly the best use of your time.  It can be distracting and yes, even depressing.  However, you can learn a lot from your competition.  So, let us do the digging.  A growth consultant can quickly ascertain where you sit in the market opposed to your competition and how you can strategically position yourself to win!

Content Marketing Audit

I hated content marketing at first.  I definitely preferred creating a simple Google ad and watching the money flow in to the more intricate strategy of writing, producing and posting content.  However, content marketing is here to stay and is absolutely critical to your marketing strategy.  However, if done wrong, it can feel like a big fat waste of your time and life.

– Content Marketing creates LONG TERM traffic and sales that is essentially recurring revenue.  One great content idea can more than pay for your “Growth Rocket” audit. –


I have been using Google’s advertising platform since 2001 when clicks were only 5 cents each.  So much has changed since then.  I will do an analysis of your Adwords campaign (if one exists) and make a number of recommendations related to negative keywords, display ads, budgeting, targeting and re-marketing.  I know my Adwords.

– One small but effective PPC change can easily pay for your “Growth Rocket” audit. –


We will do a full SEO analysis of your site including checking out your analytics, link structure, inbound link profile.  Many say SEO is dead, but it isn’t.  It’s just different.  Knowing HOW it’s different is critical.


This is the bread and butter and the icing on the cake.  Essentially, we take a look at your business and come up with a number of creative marketing ideas that will help you stand out from your competition.  This is where the fun begins.

– One viral content idea can EASILY pay for the cost of your “Growth Rocket” audit. –

Schedule a 9 Minute Call Now

What’s The Catch?

Well, there really isn’t much room for a catch here. This is a product you are purchasing rather than a program. We provide you with a forensic audit document & checklist. It will include a detailed list of actionables, a check list, descriptions and explanations, tips, goals, recommendations. This is a one time purchase and when the audit is delivered, you are done. There is absolutely NO catch. In fact, I utterly hate “consultants” or “online marketers” that are in fact rip-off artists because in my early days of business online, I got taken by a few of them myself.

I don’t mean any offense, but if I can’t help you, I simply don’t want to work with you.

There are PLENTY of business owners out there that need my help. If you don’t need my help, I don’t want your money. PERIOD.

That is where the 9 Minute Triage Call Comes In.

See If Your Business Qualifies for a Forensic Business Audit

When you schedule a 9 minute triage call, we do a very quick pressure free phone call. I ask a few questions and get a high level understanding of your business. It usually doesn’t take long for me to know if I can help you or not.

Simply put, if a GROWTH ROCKET audit can’t significantly help you, I will tell you up front.

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