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Hi! I’m Craig. I help local service companies grow faster & with less spend.

I have a unique perspective as someone who grew my own online businesses for 15+ years. During that time I had my own run-ins with marketing/advertising companies who:

A. Didn’t know what they were doing and
B. Took my money without providing anything in return.

When I started Trafficality, I vowed to do things differently and treat the companies I help the way I would have wanted to be treated.


We had to edit this testimonial down it was so long and Chris was kind enough to talk about the work we did for his company. My favorite line is, “I would recommend Craig to anyone, except our competition.”

Don’t take my word from it. Listen to Chris Statzer of 1st Choice Foundation Repair.

Watch this Traffic Story from Chris Statzer from 1st Choice Foundation Repair to see how we turned a previous marketing company disaster into an incredible TRAFFIC STORY!

Would you like to have a quick phone call? With a few quick questions I can generally determine whether or not I can help you and your business. If I KNOW I can help, I will let you know. Or, maybe I can just give you some free tips to boost what you are already doing? Happy to do that too!

How Do I Help Businesses?

I have been a digital entrepreneur for almost 20 years.

Unlike most local businesses, I built all of my previous ventures using the internet ONLY vs. referrals, etc. I found that this gave me a unique group of skills with which I could help local businesses that usually depend on referrals or word of mouth.

For my clients I help them put systems in place that keep their phones ringing and the emails coming in.

More Leads for Less With Google Adwords

With over 15 years experience in Google Adwords, I know Google can drain your bank account if you don’t know what you are doing, but I also know how powerful it can be if you do. I use DATA to make sure my clients only pay for people who are VERY LIKELY to become clients. Then, when Google realizes your account is set up right, they TURN ON THE TRAFFIC!

Web Design that Converts!

Only DATA will tell you if your website is converting. Making sure your site is doing what it needs to do is all about TESTING. I use tools like Google Analytics to make sure your site is getting traffic and then converting that traffic. I DON’T GUESS. I use DATA.


I have been using Facebook ads for almost 7 years. While it is often praised, it is one of the most complex systems in the world. I help my clients create realistic ad campaigns that get them MORE targeted traffic for PENNIES compared to Google Adwords.

Double or Triple your Traffic with SEO.

Do you know how long it takes for SEO to work? It takes almost a year to see the effects. Most SEO companies don’t tell you this. They want you to pay them and then when you don’t get results, well, they don’t care. SEO is powerful and the results can be amazing, but it takes time. I know how to create simple but powerful pages that, with patience, will turn on a faucet of long-standing traffic. (That you don’t have to keep paying for.)


I have been in your shoes. I have hired marketing companies who have taken my money and then provided poor results. I hated when that would happen, so I vowed never to let it happen with my clients.

When you work with me, you get transparency, honesty and communication. I will be straight up with you about what works and what doesn’t and I do all I can to go by DATA and no emotions or guesswork.


Enter your info. below and Craig will call you.

We need a custom website developed with unique features.We need a new website designed for our business.Our current website is not mobile friendly.We don't seem to have a Google Business account set up or it isn't set up properly.We are not using Google Adwords to get more customers.We have a Google Adwords account, but our ads aren't separated to focus on specific areas, products or services.Our basic site pages are NOT SEO optimized with unique and keyword focused Titles, Descriptions, etc.Our site pages are NOT SEO Localized. (i.e. We don't have a unique SEO optimized page for each area we serve.Our Google Page Speed score is in the red.We aren't taking advantage of Facebook Advertising.We don't have a Google Business account set up or it isn't set up properly.We are not using Google AdwordsOur Adwords account is not localizedOur basic site pages are NOT SEO optimized.Our site pages are NOT SEO Localized.Our Google Page Speed score is in the red.

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