This is the question we want your competitors asking themselves every time they look at your marketing campaigns.

At Trafficality, we have been building websites and growing businesses online for almost 20 years. Some of those websites have been for others, some for our own 6 & 7 figure e-commerce ventures. This is critical. It means we get it. We know what it is like to throw money out the window at failed marketing and we know how to make it work. That’s why we treat our customers the way we have always wanted to be treated and we work to grow your business with the same fanaticism we worked to grow our own.

Drive Traffic

It’s never been easier to send the most qualified traffic to your website than it is now. We know what works and what doesn’t and will treat your business like ours. If you want to get traffic to your site or store fast, SO DO WE!

Gain Leads

We know how to implement the tricks of the trade to take traffic and clicks and turn that traffic into actual leads. Then we use the best possible techniques to automatically nurture those leads endearing them to you.


We use the latest tech to make it as EASY as possible for your potential customers to buy your product online. By removing barriers to entry, you grow faster than ever.

Let’s Innovate Together.

Hi! I’m Craig and I will be working with you to create your branding masterpiece. However, masterpiece can mean many things in the world of the web. My goal is to meet YOUR goals. Are you trying to brand yourself? Get more phone calls? Sell more widgets? First I ascertain your goals and then use my 20 yrs of experience to get you there the best possible way.

“Like the swiss army knife of internet marketing. “

– Lee Davis – Liquid Floors –

What Do We Do?

At Trafficality, before we used digital marketing to grow our OWN ONLINE BUSINESSES to 7+ figures+. For the most part, we know what works and what doesn’t and when we don’t, we know how to quickly find out!

Web/Graphic Design

Great design matters. It sets you apart from your competition. It isn’t simple, but it makes an enormous difference. We can help you create your online home fast, with precision and a stunning aesthetic.


The most incredible design is nothing without great copy. We know how to write ads, articles & copy that will entice your audience to do what you want them to do!


Video marketing has NEVER been more important than it is today and we have produced HUNDREDS of videos. Should you use video to promote your business? (It’s likely you should.) We can help!

Creative Marketing

Simple innovation is what we’re talking about. If you aren’t standing out, you are blending in! We implement unique ideas & offers that will make your business stand out from the rest!

Content Marketing

Creating unique valuable content that provides value to social or the web is CRITICAL to the growth of your business online. We know how to create VALUABLE content that drives conversions.

Social Media

Here’s the deal…. Social media works if you work it, but it really depends on your business model. Quite frankly, social media can be a giant time waste for businesses, but also a huge win. We will help you navigate the seas of social so you WIN WIN WIN!

Pay Per Click

We have been successfully wielding the sword of Pay Per Click Advertising since Google Ads launched in 2000. If you are looking to run PPC ad campaigns that ACTUALLY bring you customers, let’s talk.

Facebook Ads

Gary Vaynerchuk has called Facebook the MOST IMPORTANT advertising platform on the internet. We agree and we are experts at Facebook ads. Want to know if your business is a good fit?

Email Marketing

Once you get them in the door, you need to keep them on the hook. If you aren’t using email properly, you are going to lose those precious leads you brought in in the first place! We can help!

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