Watch Revenue and Engagement Go UP with Bots.

The less friction you have between you and your customers the better. Messenger bots provide a direct line between you and your patrons.

Want to talk about setting up your own incredible business growing bot?

Automate, Engage and Grow!

Just think of it like a pre-programmed conversational sequence with very high opt-in, open and clickthrough rates.

While email open and clickthrough rates go down and Facebook page reach continues to decline, bot open and clickthrough rates are enormous our accounts seeing open rates up to 97% and clickthrough rates from 25% to 60%.

Create an Ad/Offer

Create a Facebook Ad Offering a Free Appetizer/Dessert.

Your patrons comment “APP” or “DESSERT” to be brought into your messenger bot. It’s so easy, onboarding rates are high!

The Sequence Begins

Your fans are added to your bot and a sequence.

Sequences are used to send time messages. You can send messages each week or each month or a custom time-frame.

Foster the Love

Once you are connected to your fans, you can easily reach out to them!

Once your fans are in your bot, they are yours! Send offers or updates to continually endear them to you and your brand over time!

Have Questions about Building a Bot? Talk to Craig!

Click the button to pop-over to messenger and click the “Send Message” option to ask a question about bots for small businesses!

Messenger Gets

One reason bots are great for businesses is Messenger’s built-in menu system.

Messenger has a built-in menu system that appears at the bottom of the app, but also includes a number of other way to display menu-based information including “Quick Replies,” buttons, lists and carousels.

I’m Craig.
I’ll be building your bot today.

My name is Craig Lillard, host of “The Traffic Show” and founder of Trafficality. I have built my own six and 7 figure businesses online as well as helped others grow their own. I will PERSONALLY be building this first round of bots to ensure our clients get MAXIMUM conversions. Let’s do this!

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