Over 15 Years of Google Adwords Experience

We started using Google’s Adwords platform in 2001 only one year after it launched.

At the time, it was possible to buy targeted clicks from Google to your website for only 5 cents. We used Adwords to grow our own businesses, and now we help others. While much has changed since then, Adwords is still an incredible traffic and sales driver. Contact us now to see if Adwords is right for your business!

What is Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising platform created by Google circa 2000.

Adwords allows advertisers to place ads on Google’s search pages that show up based upon relevant “keywords” chosen by the advertiser. With Adwords, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and Google offers a number of conversion tracking tools so you know when someone has purchased your products.

Let Us Find the Ad Solution Right For You!

Depending on your goals, we will put together an Adwords strategy to help you gain customers, fans or follower using any number of specialized techniques!

Search Ads

Let us prepare a specialized search campaign for you. We’ll drive traffic to your site using keywords your potential customers are searching for!

Display Ads

Want to reach your customers on websites that relate to your offering? Display ads are perfect for this, placing your ads on the sites your customers frequent.

YouTube Ads

Got Video? We will help you place your videos on the second largest search engine in the world… YouTube! YouTube ads are powerful and affordable!

Google Shopping

Have products to sell in an e-commerce store? Google Shopping is the perfect venue for you to take your products and make them available for sale through Google!


Re-marketing allows you to re-reach people who have already shown interest in your website or product and it is VERY EFFECTIVE. Let us help!

Adwords Audits

We are experts at improving Adwords results. If you have been using Adwords, you would be amazed at how much money we can save you by cleaning up your campaign!

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