Order Your Bot

The Bot Gold Rush is on!! Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of this amazing technology before EVERYONE has one. We have 3 options to get you started.

Note. All bots are built on the ManyChat bot management platform which is Trafficality’s preferred bot platform. You will need a free ManyChat account to get started.


$ 349

This bot works like your website. I build out an easy to follow navigable display that will let people know about you and your products/services.

  • Up to 3 Top Level Menu items with up to 5 sub-level menu items each.
  • Up to 3 Special Offers with Custom Keywords.
  • 1 Custom Designed Messenger Scannable Code


$ 1549

This is a fully customized bot for your place of business which includes coupon redemption features allowing your team to rede

  • 30 Minute Bot Growth Strategy Session.
  • Full Custom Menu Design.
  • Custom Designed Welcome Sequence
  • Up to 5 Special Offer Sequences
  • Zapier Integration
  • Custom Automated Coupon Tagging & Redemption System (Requires a Zapier Account.)
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