In this episode of Traffic Stories we feature Chris Statzer from 1st Choice Foundation Repair in Frisco, TX.

We worked with 1st Choice on a wide range of marketing and advertising objectives ranging from Google Adwords to SEO to web design and video.

One of the most significant projects we worked on was 1st Choice’s Adwords campaign.  While they had been using Adwords for years to grow their business, they had not been using the tracking and conversion technology Adwords offers to be sure that they were getting their money’s worth.  Additionally, without properly monitored conversion tracking, there is no way to no which ads are working, which areas are working or which landing pages are working.

We provided them a holistic focus, not just working on the ads themselves, but A/B testing their landing pages to ensure that the landing pages were having the maximum impact.

Here are a few of the significant ways we were able to help them reach their goals:

  1.  Almost doubled their Adwords conversion rate from 14% to 25%.
  2.  Doubled their ad clickthrough rate.
  3.  Improved their Quality score from 5 to 7 or 9 on almost all of their ads.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg.

Our favorite quote from the video above is, “I would recommend Craig (at Trafficality) to anyone (except my competitors.)

Many thanks to Chris and Jason at 1st Choice Foundation repair for allowing us to help them significantly tighten up and improve their search advertising campaigns and landing pages.

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