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As promised here is more info, on how to fix your Google Page Speed Score PLUS my most CRITICAL tips for getting max traffic for your construction/remodeling business.

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Here is the list I talked about in the email. These are all easy wins that I see so many businesses missing out on. Please read through this CAREFULLY because I am putting in some real truth here.


Remember the email we sent you? Almost every day I see another site that fails Google’s page speed test. This is a relatively easy fix, but site’s are failing all the time.

Get this right and your site will likely rank higher and more often than your competitors bringing you more traffic and customers. Get it wrong and your site could drop off the face of the Google earth.

You can test your site yourself here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Here are your site’s scores.

Wasted Google Ads Spend

A Search Engine Journal article stated that almost 70% of Adwords campaigns are set up incorrectly and because of that are wasting spend.

Google Adwords is an IDEAL advertising platform for most local service businesses, but accounts that are self-configured and self-managed or were set up by those with less experience can be huge money wasters.

Un-Localized Google Adwords

You should have a separate Adwords ad group with separate ads, keywords and landing pages for EVERY AREA you serve.

This is the BEST way to handle local ads and will provide you with THE best results. If your Ads aren’t localized, you are missing out AND WASTING money. So, do you have a different ad group for every AREA/CITY you serve? If you don’t, then your ads just aren’t granular enough.


I get it. Maybe you don’t want to invest in longer term SEO. BUT, the problem is, most web designers, don’t understand BASIC SEO. They consider themselves designers, not SEO experts. So, over and over I look at websites that are missing out on SO MANY opportunities for FREE TRAFFIC because the web designer didn’t build in basic SEO.

There are SO MANY local business websites and I see them all the time that don’t have BASIC SEO. What is basic SEO? Searchable titles, descriptions and H1/Header tags. After the URL, the Title of a page is the most important ranking factor from an SEO perspective.

Most business owners have NO IDEA that their web pages are not optimized.


You should have an SEO optimized page for EVERY area you serve.

If you serve 10 cities, you need an SEO optimized page for EVERY city you serve. Many people, when they search type in the city name AND the service they are looking for.

You need a page for every area you serve that is optimized for SEO.


It is critical you KNOW where your traffic is coming from.

If Google Analytics isn’t part of your site analysis and you aren’t using it to understand where your visitors and conversions are coming from. Analytics will provide you with a wealth of actionable info. you can sue to improve your business.

Google Business Account

Most local businesses have Google Pages installed, but not all of them are taking full advantage of them.

Setting up a Google business account is crucial. If someone searches for your business OR for your offerings, you NEED your business coming up in the Google business listings at the top of the page. This is FREE money, so don’t miss out.

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