Can Facebook Work
For Chiropractic?

We Have Seen it Work! We signed up a new Chiropractic office in Hattiesburg recently. Within 2 days they had 2 new appointments! In a little over a week, they had 4 new appointments!

At Trafficality we set up a funnel system that leads people to not just click an ad to your website and then go away. We lead them to actually engage with you either by requesting an appointment time or asking you for a call back. It is all very intentional! Our goal is conversions!

How Do We Do It?

We Set Up Your Ads

We set up and test a number of ads to find one that resonates with your audience.

Landing Page

We create a special landing page focused solely on the goal you wish to complete for maximum conversion.

Follow Up System

We create a follow-up system using email and Facebook’s re-targeting. The fortune is in the follow-up

Here is a message I received a little over 1 week after we started his campaign. At that point this Chiropractor already had 4 new appointments lined up!

TRY 1 MONTH FOR JUST $599! (Plus Ad Spend)
Only 10 Spots Available For This Offer, So Act Now! Save $200/month!

Try our Facebook Ad management for 1 month for only $599 (plus ad spend). If you aren’t satisfied you can cancel anytime. NOTE: The $599 is OUR price for ad management. The amount you spend on ads is extra. We recommend between $500 and $750 in ad spend. If you like our service, you will continue to be billed $599 every month until you cancel.

Look at it this way… With most clients, we try to bring in around 2 new appointments a week or 8 per month. What is the lifetime value of 8 new patients? What about the referral value? Is it more than $599? We find it is usually MUCH MORE.


By clicking the above button, you agree to be bound by these terms listed below.


The goal of Trafficality is to help you grow your business using creativity, innovation and some of the best and most unique marketing and advertising tools on the planet! We have created the following marketing proposal for because we believe the steps set forth in this proposal will culminate in highly successful results for your business.
By clicking the button above and submitting your first payment for ad services, you agree to be bound by this agreement.


Craig Lillard of Trafficality has been starting and growing businesses online for over 15 years and is an expert in most forms of digital marketing including the Facebook Ad campaigns which will be the focus of this advertising & marketing proposal. CLIENT GOALS Locate potential clients on Facebook and convert them to leads and customers, specifically focused on nutrition business.


Trafficality will utilize Facebook’s targeting platform to: 1. Determine the best audience for targeting based on the data supplied by client as well as our own research. 2. Create a marketing funnel which will include Ad creative, Landing Page, Back-End/Email Gathering & Auto-Responders if Necessary. 3. Create and test multiple “creative” ads and test each ad for quality and response.


Upon implementation of the above marketing strategy, we believe we will complete the following objectives.

1. Provide brand awareness to thousands of targeted Facebook users.

2. Add a significant number of new and potential clients to the client’s E-Mail list.

3. Create and schedule a sufficient number of phone appointments for the client to follow-up/close.

4. Re-market to those that do not engage in an appointment the first time via an email drip campaign and facebook re-targeting/re-marketing ads.

DISCLAIMER: The bottom line goal in this case is to send you a significant number of new clients for this particular objective. As you are likely aware, in business, “you don’t know until you know.” While we are relatively confident this will be worth our time and your money, but if I find it won’t work for whatever reason, I will let you know as soon as possible. I am not interested in wasting your money and communication is key.

NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. We will work to make Facebook ads work for you and your business, but while we have had successes it may not work for your business at all for any number of reasons. You may cancel your service at any time. If you cancel, we will continue out your current month’s service and at the end of the current month, you will not be re-charged and your service will end.


1. Timeline We will need about 2 weeks for setting up the accounts and funnels.

2. Maintenance Once your account is initially set-up, we will continually test new ads, new ad copy, images, audiences and funnels in order to improve the ads as well as the results.


Here is a breakdown of our management fees. PLEASE NOTE THAT FEES ARE BROKEN DOWN INTO OUR FEES AND YOUR AD SPEND. The amount that the actual ads cost is separate from the cost of setting up your ad funnels, designing your ads, writing the copy, etc. You will pay your AD SPEND directly to Facebook. We will only charge you for our own Ad Management fees.


There are no extra setup fees for this contract.


You will be charged a set amount each month based upon the amount agreed upon.  This payment will go through PayPal and you may use Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.  At the beginning of each month your card will be charged.  You may cancel this recurring payment anytime by contacting us or via your PayPal interface.  If the next month’s payment is cancelled, our service on your account will cease at the end of the current month of paid service.


This is a month to month subscription based contract. You may cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to . However, if you are unhappy with our service in any way, please let us know. We can’t fix what we don’t know about. 🙂


Prior to a contractual agreement, proposal may be amended upon collaboration with the client, of , at the discretion of Trafficality.


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