Let’s Create 30 Days
of Video Content Together!

Every new piece of video content you produce is a valuable traffic funnel into your brand/organization.

Plus, each video builds credibility while endearing your audience to you.

Content creators like Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat and Grant Cardone are growing their brands at light speed by distributing original video content and…


Welcome to your “somewhere.”


Video content publishing has been proven to grow valuable audiences.

VIDSURGE is a training program that helps you get in the habit of regularly publishing valuable video content!

Our IDEAFRAMES jumpstart your creative process, by giving you the framework for each video you create.

PLUS, we teach you how to make the VERY MOST of that content as EASILY as possible. Most people will NEVER put out ANY content, which means the people who DO have a distinct advantage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This isn’t about making films. It’s about creating valuable content. If you’re goal is to become an expert filmmaker, this isn’t for you. This is about helping entrepreneurs, marketers and influencers grow their audience by creating and distributing valuable, informational and entertaining content.

Yeah, You Get ALL OF THIS…

For less than the cost of a couple of Taylor Swift concert tickets you get a training system meant to take you from fearful video newbie to confident content creator!


Idea Frameworks that jumpstart your video creative process.

One of the hardest parts of creating content is simply knowing what to talk about! We solve this problem for you by giving you a new IDEAFRAME EVERY DAY. Simply plug your own ideas, stories and information into the idea module’s framework and shoot away!

5-6 Hours of Video Production Training

This training specifically revolves around content creation.

During 4 video webinars and daily trainings, you will learn the basics of video production, but from an Internet/Social perspective. Audio, lighting, home studios, green screens, editing and cameras/tech. Learn the tricks of the trade from a video production guerilla!

5- 6 Hours of Distribution Training

Learn how to distribute your content from a Social/Web perspective.

What is the point of creating content no one sees? That’s why each week you will have access to a webinar on the following topics: Facebook Targeting, YouTube, SEO and Social Media. Each specifically focused on using your video content to get maximum audience growth & engagement!

Support & Accountability

Over the 30 day period you also get “gentle accountability.” Again, one of the biggest preventatives to creating content is simply CREATING CONTENT! If you can get over that hump you are 50% there! Every day, we encourage you to create. No, we don’t pressure you, but gentle reminders + community can go a long way.


In addition to the 30 days of IdeaFrames, you get another 70 IdeaFrames to keep you going! That is ONE HUNDRED unique video content ideas!


So, when it all is said and done, you will receive over 10 HOURS of expert video marketing training from Craig Lillard a veteran video entrepreneur and marketer. PLUS, YOU WILL RECEIVE OVER 100+ IDEAFRAMES to make sure ideas for new videos keep flowing.

Questions and Answers

  • Q: Do I Have to Do Create a Video Every Day?
  • A: While we will encourage you to create content, there will be no pressure. We are here for you!
  • Q: What Are Idea Modules?
  • A: Idea Modules are frameworks you can use to help you come up with ideas for shooting video content. You might tell a story one day, do an interview another day, review a product another day. We give you tips and feedback to help you complete each idea module easily. We want this to be as stress free as possible.
  • Q: Do I need special video equipment?
  • A: You need a smartphone that shoots video and can be uploaded to the internet. As the class proceeds, we will be teaching you about other types of cameras you can use to improve your video production capabilities.
  • Q: Is this like Film School?
  • A: Definitely not. While we will teach you how to create better videos, our goal is to help you create informational and sometimes entertaining video content, primarily for social media.
  • Q: Can I get a Refund if I Don’t Like the Program?
  • A: Definitely. If at the end of the 30 days, you received no value from our program, you may request a refund.
  • Q: What if I Can’t Make it to a Webinar or Training Video?
  • A: No worries! You will have full access to all materials after the sessions are over so you can complete them at your leisure!


This program starts on September 12th. Anyone who registers between now and September 12th will receive special discounts and bonuses.

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