So, Which Do I Think is the Most Effective Strategy for Scaling a Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency?

The Winner is Adwords!

While I will use each of these methods to continue to grow (my goal is to double to triple the size of my agency this year) that Adwords is going to be the primary method I will use to scale.

Why Does Adwords Win?

Here are all the reasons I feel that Adwords is the best option out of all the options I listed on the previous page.

  • If you set it up right, it is very targeted. It is very easy to find people who are looking EXACTLY for web designers or web developers TO HIRE.
  • The leads are VERY WARM. They are looking to hire someone usually RIGHT NOW.
  • Competition wasn’t bad at all. Even here in DFW I found the competition to be very fair. I got a strong number of clicks even though my campaigns were VERY NARROW in scope.
  • It is massively scalable.
  • Once you dial it in, you can expand your campaign to other cities, to the country, to the whole world!
  • It is AFFORDABLE. For web design, I found it quite affordable. Yes, costs per click seemed high, but the leads were SO targeted, that it didn’t matter.
  • NOTE: If you are the type of designer that only charges a few hundred dollars, this isn’t for you. But if you charge at least $3,000 per job it is.

Want to Learn to Get Clients With Adwords?

I am so sure about the power of Adwords for getting web development clients, I decided to build a course that would not only teach web developers to get consistent HIGH PAYING clients, but also teach them how to up-sell those clients with Adwords.

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You will be on your way to using Adwords to get and help clients!

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