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I’m going to show you today, how using Facebook Messenger Bot can be very beneficial. Now, I’ve set up a sample bot that you can engage with and there is going to be a link below. So, what is a Messenger Bot?

What is a Messenger Bot?

A Messenger Bot is simply a way that we can kind of pre-program a conversation using Facebook’s instant messenger, so that, that pre-program messenger conversation can lead somebody wherever you want them to go.You want them to have more conversation about your business; you want them to download something from you like a lead magnet or a PDF or something, so that they will connect with yoiu more; maybe you want them to give you their email or give you their contact.

Really, everything that you can do with a website or through email marketing, you can do using Facebook Messenger. And one of the cool things about Messenger Bot is there are multiple ways that you can lead somebody into Messenger Bot.

How Can you Bring People Into your Messenger Bot?

  1. So, one way, is you can just give them a link, actually a direct link that if they would click on that link, as long as they are connected to instant messenger, it will take them right into your Bot. And you can then, start a sequence with them, asking them questions, letting them reply to your questions, asking them more questions, delivering them information.
  2. Another way is the Facebook scan code. They give you a scan code for Messenger. If they go to Messenger and then they scan the code, it takes them right into your Bot. You can start interacting with them or your Bot can.
  3. Another way is to set up a Facebook post or a Facebook Ad and ask them to comment on that post or ad. And, there are two ways to do that, if you give them a specific phrase to comment, it will immediately take them right into your bot in your Facebook Messenger where your Bot will respond. Or, if they comment anything, you can have it set up, so that no matter what they comment. Messenger will begin to interact with them and engage with them and ask them if they want more information.

So, several very unique and cool ways because now, if you want to setup a Facebook ad, say, “Hey, if you want more info, type ‘more info’ in the comments” and boom, it goes right in there where you can deliver any number of different types of information to them.

So, what are three reasons that you would want to use Facebook Messenger Bot?

Reason number one, it is a shiny new object.

Whenever something new comes out on the internet, remember when Facebook came out or YouTube came out or Instagram came out, all of these platforms came out, they started out small but they got bigger. But, here’s the deal, as technology grows, it takes less time for these companies to explode. YouTube took several years before people really caught onto it, but Instagram for example grew very fast. Snapchat grew very fast. These companies exploded in a short amount of time and the thing about Facebook Messenger is this isn’t anything new. You already have Facebook Messenger, its just the ability to create these pre-program sequences to engage potential customers that is new, so its not going to take that long for people to jump on the board.

Number two, you have an instant connection.

Normally, if you want somebody’s email for example, you have to say, “Okay, go to my landing page, there is a form there, enter your email,” and then you have to respond and there is a lot of different steps. With Facebook Messenger, you send them straight into messenger, then you click a button that says, “I Want To Subscribe To Your Bot” and once they click that button, they’re subscribed. So, you are able to send them followup messages, not spam, but valuable information from that point forward, until they type in “Stop.”

Number three, there are Multiple Ways To Deliver Your Message.

Multiple ways to interact with people. You can put a photo within messenger, you can put an audio and stream within Messenger. You can put a carousel of objects, of photos, of videos, products. Facebook doesn’t want you spamming, they don’t want you to do hard selling within Messenger, they want you delivering value. For as long as you are doing that, you can use all these different mediums to communicate with people and to connect with them. So, for example, you start out and say “Hey, click here” or enter this word to download this PDF and somebody goes in and downloads it then within a day or so, you can check back in and say “We just put up this new blog where we are talking about such and such, you want to check it out, click on the link,” and now you have another connection with that person and you really have almost nothing to do with that. So, number of different ways to deliver info and value to the consumer very easily with an instant connection.


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