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My name is Craig Lillard. I am a 16 year vet of serial entrepreneurship and I want to “introduce” you to a new way of content marketing that simply is barely being used (if at all) for content marketing purposes.

Is It Just Me, or is Content Marketing Just Plain Difficult?

IT IS! In some ways, content marketing is a total BEAT DOWN. It’s hard!!!

When I started my second business, we just created Google ads and watched the results/clicks come in! As content marketing has evolved I experienced a rude awakening of sorts as things seemed easier before content marketing took over! Have you ever felt that way?

And Creating Video Content is Especially Difficult!

VIDEO is the future of content marketing, but is usually more difficult to create than written content!

While writing involves research and the written word, video is another story altogether. It involves gear and audio, green screens or set pieces and of course talent. The talent might be you, it might be someone else. If the talent is you, things might be somewhat easier from a production standpoint, but YOU need to be on point and need to be coming up with lots of new content that is unique so that Google will “like” it! What if you don’t want to be on camera? What then?

I don’t know about you, but constantly coming up with new and unique content that PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY ENGAGE WITH is hard!

So, today I am going to introduce you to a NEW way of doing VIDEO content marketing…

… that for some bizarre reason has completely gone under the radar. Here are some of the details:

Video Based

This technique uses video, but is MUCH easier than most video production methods.

This Method is Intriguing

It makes people WANT TO WATCH and viewers will generally watch from BEGINNING TO END!

This Method is NEW!

While this is a time-tested technique, it is new to content marketing. You seldom see it used! (Ground floor anyone?)

This Method is EASY!

This technique can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. If you have a cell phone that shoots video, you can do it!

It’s FUN!!

Yes, this is actually a fun way of doing content marketing!

This Method is Entertaining!

This method creates entertaining media that is enjoyable to watch, even over and over again!

This Method Creates Conversation

If you want to create content your audience will talk about, this is an easy way to do it!

This Method Provides Value!

Content Marketing is all about providing value! This is a fun way to create valuable content!

No, I am not going to force you to give me your email to find out…

But after I tell you what it is, if you think the information is valuable, I would love to tell you more and show you how this could really help you!

[shc_shortcode class="shc_mybox"]So, what is the method? The technique I am talking about is know to most as the "Man On The Street Interview." It is the technique of going "on the streets" to ask people questions on video and then edit their answers together to create an entertaining and informative finished product. I am sure you are familiar with it, but for whatever reason, you probably have not seen it used very often. Am I right? Let me know in the comments! [/shc_shortcode]

Would You Like to Beta Test a Course on This Method for Free?

I am currently creating a video course that will show you IN DEPTH how to use this technique, plus give you the information you need to get started creating traffic driving content ASAP!! Skip the learning curve!

I have created tons of these videos and know what to do and what not to do!! I need 50 beta testers to try out this course and provide feedback. While we haven’t nailed down the price on the entire course it will likely be in the $500+ range, so this is a valuable beta test indeed.

YOU WILL LEARN so much, including techniques for engaging people for interviews, legal matters like model releases and logos/property matters, ways to phrase questions, how to ask questions that create ROI for your business, how to edit your videos so that people can’t stop watching them and SO MUCH MORE! I TRULY believe this is going to change your content marketing forever. Don’t you think? If not, let me know in the comments!!

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